A Critical Reflection of the CSU Fullerton Alternative Certification Program

Belinda Dunnick Karge, Barbara Glaeser, Ph.D., Judy Sylva, Ph.D, Joan Levine, Ph.D, Barbara Lyons, Ph.D


In the past decade the demand for highly qualified and especially trained teachers of students with special needs has exceeded the supply. To meet this deficit, alternative programs have sprouted up across the country. One such program, at CSU Fullerton, is successfully trying to fill that gap. Some 280 students have completed the requirements of a specially designed Intern program of coursework, practicum, advanced seminars, research and directed student teaching and are working in the communities of four, Southern California’s local counties. The following article explains and describes the process, procedures, methods and results of these efforts. A highlight of this program is action research; the gathering of data, using scientifically-based interventions and analyzing the outcomes that produce change or progress.

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