Alternative Certification: A Comparison of Factors Affecting the Motivations of General and Special Educators

Kathleen A Hogan, Lyndal M Bullock


Many teacher education programs are not meeting the needs of future teachers. To adequately prepare for the projected four million teachers who will be teaching by the 2016 school year, institutions of higher education and alternative certification
programs (ACPs) will need to examine the motivations that affect an individual’s desire to teach in order to attract and retain competent professionals. This study compares the motivating factors affecting general and special educators’ decisions
to become teachers. Additionally, a comparison was made of general and special educators’ reasons for choosing a nonuniversity-based ACP and what they perceived to be the strengths and weaknesses of the program. By identifying the
motivating factors and strengths and weaknesses of ACPs, these programs will be able to better meet the needs of future teachers.


alternative certification program; general education; special education; teacher preparation

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