Editor’s Perspective Article: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy within Alternative Certification Teacher Preparation

Brian R. Evans


The focus in this issue’s Editor’s Perspective article is on preparing alternative certification teachers to teach through the lens of culturally responsive pedagogy. Culturally relevant pedagogy (used throughout the current article as culturally responsive pedagogy) has been defined by Ladson-Billings (1994, pp. 16-17) as one “that empowers students intellectually, socially, emotionally, and politically using cultural referents to impart knowledge, skills, and attitudes” (as cited in Aronson & Laughter, 2016, p. 165). In this article, the use of culturally responsive pedagogy as a lens in which to prepare alternative certification teachers is examined in the context of preparing teachers to teach in diverse school districts in urban environments. The article rests on the premise that teachers prepared through the lens of culturally responsive pedagogy are better prepared to teach in diverse schools and constitutes a step toward teaching within a social justice context.


culturally responsive pedagogy; alternative certification

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