“I Want More”: Does a Divide Between Charter and Public School Teachers Cause Different Desires for Certification Programs?

Patricia Maloney, Kenann McKenzie-Thompson


The number of teachers entering the profession through alternative certification and the number of charter schools in the United States have increased over the past twenty years. While there is a great deal of research on the efficacy of different paths to certification on teachers in public schools, there is little research exploring the needs of charter school teachers in alternative certification programs. This study uses a longitudinal data set of 44 matched-pair beginning teachers by school type who are all alternatively certified to explore the divide between public and charter school teachers. Almost universally, teachers reported wanting the same elements present in their alternative certification programs: accountability, assignments based on research rather than self-reflection, and an emphasis on skills that were concrete and immediately usable in the classroom.


charter schools, alternative certification, best practices, charter school teachers, teacher education

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