Editor’s Perspective Article: Supporting Students from Underrepresented Groups in Mathematics for Alternative Certification Teachers

Brian R. Evans


It is important for new teachers in alternative certification programs to ensure all of their students receive quality education, particularly in mathematics education. Mathematics is a gatekeeper subject in which strong quantitative skills lead to increased opportunities. This article addressed support new alternative certification teachers need as well as the support they could provide to students in diverse mathematics classrooms. Alternative certification teachers in the New York City Teaching Fellows (NYCTF) program were surveyed, among others, to determine their attitude toward student learning in diverse classroom environments in mathematics education. It was found that while NYCTF teachers did not score differently from traditionally prepared teachers on the survey instrument, NYCTF scored higher than another cohort of teachers. NYCTF teachers indicated highest agreement with the idea that students from underrepresented groups are just as capable of engaging in higher level mathematics as White and Asian male students and teachers should take student interests into consideration when teaching mathematics.


alternative certification; mathematics; underrepresented students

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